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2019 Coal Cracker League Tournament Team Score Results

Congratulations to Southern Columbia on winning the Team Tournament title

2019 Team Scores

1 Southern Columbia SC 310.0
2 Black Diamond BD 246.0
3 Mount Carmel MC 226.0
4 Blue Mountain BM 209.0
5 Williams Valley WV 204.0
6 Tamaqua TAM 144.0
7 Upper Dauphin UD 134.0
8 Schuylkill Haven SH 100.0
9 Panther Valley PV 60.0
10 Berwick BE 57.0

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2019 Coal Cracker League Championship Scores
2019 Coal Cracker League Championships
Round 1
Tamaqua  54
Williams Valley  45
Upper Dauphin  30
Blue Mtn.  60
Round 2
North Schuylkill  58
Tamaqua  33
Mt. Carmel  45
Blue Mtn.  42
Championship Final
North Schuylkill  46
Mt. Carmel  44
Consolation Final
Blue Mtn.  57
Tamaqua  44


Southern Columbia opted out of attending so Upper Dauphin took their place since they were 7th place in the final Dual Meet Standings.

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Matches For 1/20/19
All matches for 1/20/19 have been postponed. Dates for the make-ups will be posted at a later date when we figure out when teams are available. Thanks You
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2017-2018 Season
Welcome all to a new season. We'd like to announce we have added a new team. Berwick is the newest addition to the league. We think they will make a fine addition to our already great league. Please make them feel at home and show them what a fine league we have.Unfortunately we also lost Jim Thorpe. We wish everyone luck on a competitive season and remember its for the kids and HAVE FUN!!! 
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2017 Coal Cracker League Championships
2017 Coal Cracker League Championships
Round 1
Mt. Carmel  42
Upper Dauphin  50
Pottsville  46
North Schuylkill  33
Williams Valley and Southern Columbia had byes
Round 2
Pottsville  46
Williams Valley  54
Southern Columbia  51
Upper Dauphin  43
Championship Final
Southern Columbia  69
Williams Valley  36
Consolation Final
Pottsville  45
Upper Dauphin  47
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2019 North Schuylkill

Congratulations to all the teams of the Coal Cracker league on another successful season and Congratulations to North Schuylkill on winning the Dual meet Championships!!!

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Coal Cracker League Championships
Coal Cracker League Championships 
Round 1
Pottsville  49
North Schuylkill  56
Williams Valley  48
Panther Valley  49
Southern Columbia and Upper Dauphin Byes
Pottsville and Panther Valley were eliminated this round
Round 2
Southern Columbia  89
North Schuylkill  12
Upper Dauphin  65
Williams Valley  29
Round 3
Championship Final
Southern Columbia  69
Upper Dauphin  32
Consolation Final
North Schuylkill  62
Williams Valley  37
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Championship Finals
Congratulations to all the teams on very successful season!!! Listed below is the results for the League Championships.

Division Championships Final Scores
Rd 1
Mt. Carmel 61
Panther Valley 19

Williams Valley 50
Southern Columbia 46

Rd 2
Mt. Carmel 46
Blue Mtn. 41

Shikellamy 56
Williams Valley 34

Rd 3 Championships
For 3rd and 4th
Blue Mtn. 59
Williams Valley 35

Championship Final
Shikellamy 47
Mt. Carmel 34

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Congratulations to all the teams on a great season and Congratulations to all the teams making it to the Championships. Due to a technical error the standings in the Central division aren't showing up right. The teams in the Championships are as follows:

#1 - Shikellamy
#2 - Upper Dauphin

#1 - Shamokin
#2 - Mt. Carmel

#1 - Blue Mtn.
#2 - Tamaqua 
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Championship Scores

Congratulations to North Schuylkill on winning the Championships and to all the wrestlers and teams on a great season!!


Championship Scores

Rd 1
Williams Valley 32
Mt. Carmel 66

Tamaqua 45

  Blue Mtn. 42

Rd 2

North Schuylkill 50
Tamaqua 41


Upper Dauphin 51
Mt. Carmel 56


Consolation Final
Tamaqua 48
Upper Dauphin 42


Championship Final
North Schuylkill 67
Mt. Carmel 43
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Championships and Standings

Due to the standings on this website not having ability to show the standings correctly they have been shut off.

The North Division is as follows                 The South is as follows

North Schuylkill 1st                                    Upper Dauphin  1st

Mt. Carmel  2nd                                         Blue Mtn.   2nd

Tamaqua 3rd                                             Williams Valley  3rd

Southern Columbia 4th                              Pottsville   4th

Berwick 5th                                                Sch. Haven  5th

Panther Valley 6th

I'm truly sorry for any confusion but due to the league not having any rules in place to decide the by-laws revert to what the high school does. Again I'm sorry for my error.

Posted by Thomas Tarlecky Sr., Created Sat Feb 10, 2018

Jim Thorpe
Welcome to the Coal Cracker League Website and the start of another great season. We are pleased to announce a new team to the league this year.  We would like to welcome back Jim Thorpe Elementary wrestling team to the league. Good luck to Jim Thorpe and all the teams of the league this year.
Posted by Thomas Tarlecky Sr., Created Mon Nov 14, 2016

2015 Championships Scores

Congratulations to Southern Columbia and all the teams in the league on another great season!!!


Championships Scores
Rd. 1
Upper Dauphin  44
North Schuylkill  42
Line Mtn.  59
Tamaqua  28
Rd. 2
Blue Mtn.  54
Line Mtn.  40
Southern Columbia  76
Upper Dauphin  15
Championship Final
Southern Columbia  55
Blue Mtn.  34
Consolation Final
Upper Dauphin  52
Line Mtn.  50

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2014 CCL Tournament Team Scores and Results

2014 Coal Cracker League
Williams Valley (Martz Hall)

    1   349.50  Blue Mountain
    2   337.00  North Schuylkill
    3   323.50  Shikellamy
    4   281.00  Southern Columbia
    5   280.00  Central Dauphin
    6   251.50  Upper Dauphin
    7   248.50  Tamaqua
    8   239.50  Shamokin
    9   210.50  Pottsville
   10   231.00  Pine Grove
   11   195.00  Panther Valley 
   12   188.50  Williams Valley
   13   169.50  Mount Carmel
   13   251.50  Upper Dauphin
   14   174.00  Bloomsburg
   15   115.00  Line Mountain
   16    93.50  Schuylkill Haven


Place Winners -

1st Rowan Humphrey SC

2nd Gavin Kutzo MC

3rd Brodie Brinkash MC

4th Brody Schlier PV




Place Winners -

1st Cody Kalinowski SHAM

2nd Zeke Holden PG

3rd Lucas Carpenter MC

4th Jase Horvath PV



Place Winners -

1st Christian Kisner SHIK

2nd Zane Holden PG

3rd Landen Brown SHAM

4th Levi Kunkel TAM




  • Place Winners - -

    1st Nathan Sterner NS

    2nd Casey Blain WV

    3rd Chase Zeigenfuss TAM

    4th Cooper Szkodny BLOOM




    Place Winners

    1st Brayden Evans POTT

    2nd Christopher Strozyk SHAM

    3rd Chandler Sirbaugh PG

    4th Triston Davis SH



    Place Winners

    1st Mason Smith SHAM

    2nd Jacob Hehn TAM

    3rd Brody Rebuck SHIK

    4th Colton Habowski SC



    Place Winners

    1st William Behur TAM

    2nd Brady Datchko TAM



    Place Winners

    1st Owen Woll BM



    Place Winners

    1st Sander Stokes NS

    2nd Shawn Romberger PG



    Place Winners

    1st Josir Jones POTT



    Place Winners

    1st Nathan Bowers BM

    2nd Daeson Hasenauer SH

    3rd David Fontana SHIK

    4th Nathan Locke NS



    Place Winners -

    1st Brayden Andrews NS

    2nd Kaden Casey NS

    3rd Jonah Peterson UD

    4th Thomas Maidenford POTT



    Place Winners

    1st Dylan Murphy CD

    2nd Jordan Peiffer UD

    3rd Matthew Slotterback NS

    4th Luke Sterns BM



    Place Winners

    1st Chase Pensyl SHAM

    2nd Chase Beaver SHIK

    3rd Liam Flanagin CD

    4th Jeremiah Craig CD



    Place Winners

    1st Payton Fasnacht BM

    2nd Terrell Mcfarland POTT

    3rd Kaden Brish BM

    4th Lucas Milot TAM



    Place Winners

    1st Zander McElhenny NS

    2nd Louden Murphy SC

    3rd Cameron Lenner SHIK

    4th Jake Fogelsanger BLOOM



    Place Winners

    1st Brad Renninger BM

    2nd Jediah Webb UD

    3rd Bradlee Smith NS

    4th Nathan Fletcher CD

Place Winners

1st Jason Harner UD

2nd Nick Kunstek POTT

3rd Jacob Schlier PV

4th Logan Betz TAM




Place Winners

1st Francisco Dietrich PG

2nd Vernon Kleckner IV BM

3rd Justin Weidner MC

4th Riley Fenstermaker PV



Place Winners

1st Liam Scrivanich PV
2nd Tyler Koch TAM
3rd Alexander Hamilton BM
4th Stephen Behun TAM

Place Winners
1st Gage Miller WV
2nd Blayton Randle WV
3rd Nate Bradigan SC
4th Brayden Brinkosh MC





















    Place Winners

    1st Kamden Laudenslager WV

    2nd Lucas Wetzel SHIK

    3rd Drew Seaman BM



    Place Winners

    1st Ryan Garvick CD

    2nd Colden Bloom SC

    3rd Preston Spontarelli SHIK

    4th Nick Englert POTT



    Place Winners

    1st Nick Bradigan SC

    2nd Kooper Manuszak SHIK

    3rd Jake Bernosky NS

    4th Connor Webber SH



    Place Winners

    1st Brady Feese SC                     

    2nd Tyler Slotterback NS                              

    3rd Ashton Gonder WV                  

    4th Nick Wolff PG

  • M55

  • Place Winners

    1st Harry Bowers BM

    2nd Jordan Zerbe UD

    3rd Luke Nissley CD

    4th Alex Reed SHIK




    1st Cade Scheck PG                                 

    2nd Aidan Engleman NS                            

    3rd Wade Alleman SHAM            

    4th Samuel Koppenhaver WV            



    Place Winners

    1st Marshall Pleskonko CD            

    2nd Nicholas Givffre POTT            

    3rd Mason Leshock LM                      

    4th Brayden Kessler NS         



    Place Winners -

    1st Serene Boyer UD                                 

    2nd Michael Sterner NS                                

    3rd Ethan Miernicki NS                                

    4th Arthor Skoff SHIK                               



    Place Winners -

    1st Tyler Whary SHAM                         

    2nd Ryan Peck UD                              

    3rd Trevor McDonald MC            

    4th Parrish Mcfarland POTT           



    Place Winners -

    1st Coltyn Sempko SHIK                            

    2nd Rafe Ney SHIK                                  

    3rd Augustus Warke BM                               

                   4th Hunter Thomas SC






Place Winners -

1st Ian Yoder SC

2nd Josh Miller CD

3rd Jared Tinari NS

4th Gage Wolfe SHIK



Place Winners

1st Ian Coller LM            

2nd Parker Jones BLOOM

3rd Mason Rebuck SHI



Place Winners

1st Drew Balestrini SHIK

2nd Jarrod Brindza NS 

3rd Gabe Heaney PV     

4th Jake Rose S



Place Winners

1st Dylan Adnino UD                                

2nd Brian Long SHAM                              

3rd Layne Smith SH                                  

               4th Austan Aurand SHIK



Place Winners

1st Cole Eberts TAM         

2nd Kamden Shaffer LM    

3rd Cruz Banda WV       

4th Matt Clewell PV



Place Winners

1st Tyler Waltman SC

2nd Toby Renninger BM        

3rd Carson Krell TAM           

4th Ryan Weidner MC



Place Winners –

1st Nathan Wickersham TAM       

2nd Dawson Smith CD          

3rd Jacob Feese LM         

4th Brett Nye SHAM 



Place Winners

1st Tanner Sidella BM       

2nd Owen Snyder BLOOM  

3rd Kurtis Raker SHIK        

4th Tom Davitt MC             2- 




Place Winners

1st Zach Poust BLOOM        

2nd Lucas Schickram TAM   

3rd Robbie Weitz NS            

4th Tyler Holt P 




Place Winners

1st Dominick Bridl LM       

2nd Ben Stewart CD      

3rd Casey Chamberlain SH

4th William Warner PG  



Place Winners

1st Colby Herb LM

2nd Colton Eckroth BLOOM

3rd Hunter Beaver SHIK         

4th Damian Wolfe SHIK  



Place Winners

1st Mikey Myers WV 

2nd Gage Breiner PV   

3rd Collin Bozza SHAM 

4th Anthony Zeplin BM



Place Winners

1st Owen Oakley BM     

2nd Nick Dorkoski SC    

3rd Jacob Leonardo BLOOM         

4th Angel Geiger POTT



Place Winners

1st Wiley Kahler BM

2nd Aaron Coccio TAM       

3rd Elijah Conte UD          

4th Tyler Faust CD         



Place Winners

1st Joshua Leininger PG      

2nd Bo Raho WV          

3rd Jake Adzema MC         

4th John Bachert BM



Place Winners

1st Raven Womer POTT     

2nd Bryan Krapf PV         

3rd Maximus Madden SHAM 

4th Tyler Winhofer MC



Place Winners

1st Eric Gornick CD    

2nd Dalton Watt BLOOM  

3rd Caleb Sell TAM         

4th Zane Zlockie MC  



Place Winners

1st Luke Englert BM  

2nd Kade Matter UD   

3rd Daniel Farrell BM    

4th Dalton Touchinsky BM   




Place Winners

1st Jacob Egan SHIK      

2nd Gavin Harris PG        

3rd Evan Watral BM        

4th Collin Sharrow SC     



Place Winners

1st Ayden Ney PG

2nd Timmy Smith CD      

3rd Joshua Richey SHIK    

4th Anthony Leech WV    



Place Winners

1st Dalton Kintzel PG    

2nd Daminan Strousberger PV     

3rd Ethan Paul UD      

4th Tye Weathersby CD  



Place Winners

1st Stephen Roeder BLOOM   

2nd Isaiah Auman UD         

3rd Matt Kiene PG            



Place Winners

1st Jackson Tallbott CD

2nd Sean Lavine TAM            



Place Winners

1st Joel Derr SHIK         

2nd Nick Miner SC        

3rd Damien Whalen BM    

4th Michael Mansell BM 



Place Winners

1st Adam Young SHIK        

2nd Mark Clewell PV          

3rd Nathaniel Mosey CD     

4th Owen Keim LM 



Place Winners

1st Kevin Croley BM     

2nd Joseph Tinari NS     

3rd Reese Kokitus POTT 

4th Trey Reynolds PG



Place Winners

1st Bronson Strouse TAM   

2nd Austin Reed MC         

3rd Cameron Taylor SHIK  

4th Savannah Shoop WV



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Coal Cracker League Championships
Congratulations to Southern Columbia this years Coal Cracker Champions and Congratulations to all the teams in the league for a successful season and making our league one of the best in the state!!
CCL President
Tom Tarlecky Sr.
Round 1
North Schuylkill  34
Upper Dauphin  61
Mt. Carmel  21
Central Dauphin  67
Blue Mtn. and Southern Columbia Byes
Round 2
Blue Mtn.  47
Central Dauphin  36
Southern Columbia  88
Upper Dauphin  10
Championship Final
Southern Columbia  54
Blue Mtn.  36
Consolation Final
Upper Dauphin  25
Central Dauphin  62
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2013 - 2014 Season
Welcome to the Coal Cracker League website and to a new season. With a new season comes some changes. We have added a new team to the league. This team would be Central Dauphin. Bringing us up to 16 teams.  Welcome to all the Central Dauphin wrestlers, parents and Coaches.Also with the added team we've restructured the Divisions in to 2 East and West. The League Championships will be held  and hosted by Panther Valley this year. The League Tournament will be hosted by Williams Valley at Martz Hall. Good luck to all the teams and wrestlers on a successful season.
Posted by Thomas Tarlecky Sr., Created Mon Dec 2, 2013

2013 Coal Cracker League Tournament Results

2013 Coal Cracker League
February 24, 2013
Final Results Page 1 of 4
Championship Finals
Consolation Finals

38 lb. Zane Holden (Pine Grove) def. Magnus Monger (Williams Valley) Pin at 1:55
42 lb. Matthew Slotterback (North Schuylkill) def. Brayden Andrews (North Schuylkill) 4-0
45 lb. Landon Myers (Line Mountain) def. Emily Yeagley (Williams Valley) 9-4
48 lb. Chase Pensyl (Shamokin) def. Landin Edwards (North Schuylkill *) Pin at 0:17
52 lb. Terrell McFarland (Pottsville) def. Brad Renninger (Blue Mountain) Pin at 0:30
55 lb. Chase Sarge (Pine Grove) def. Robert Long (Southern Columbia) 5-2
58 lb. Mark Adams-Jr (Pottsville) def. Ethen George (Pottsville) 12-8
62 lb. Tyler Koch (Tamaqua) def. Sander Stokes (North Schuylkill *) Pin at 1:47
66 lb. Kamden Laudenslager (Williams Valley) def. Stephen Behun (Tamaqua *) Major Dec. 15-2
70 lb. Jake Bernosky (North Schuylkill *) def. Brayden Brinkash (Mount Carmel) 11-6
110 lb. Nicholas Bradigan (Southern Columbia) def. Colden Bloom (Southern Columbia) Pin at 0:31

38 lb. Aiden Schlier (Panther Valley) def. Cody Kalinowski (Shamokin) Major Dec. 15-4
42 lb. Jonah Peterson (Upper Dauphin) def. Nathon Bowers (Blue Mountain) Pin at 1:0
45 lb. Sayyidakbar Akbarov (Shamokin) def. Mason Smith (Shamokin) Major Dec. 11-2
48 lb. Andy Hallman (Shikellamy) def. Bradley Whalen (Tamaqua) Pin at 1:29
52 lb. Leyden Hertz (Schuylkill Haven) def. Jude Bremigen (Southern Columbia) Pin at 2:29
55 lb. Bryce Hummel (Pine Grove *) def. Cadyn McGraw (North Schuylkill *) 3-1
58 lb. James Nolvan (Shamokin) def. - ()
62 lb. Kory Gilbert (Panther Valley) def. - ()
66 lb. Nathaniel Bradigan (Southern Columbia) def. Christian Miller (Shamokin) Pin at 2:28
70 lb. Tylor Kling (Pottsville) def. - ()

42 lb. Kaden Casey (North Schuylkill) def. Louis Morris (Mount Carmel) 8-3
45 lb. Connor Demcher (Pottsville) def. Noah Smith (Upper Dauphin) Pin at 0:20
48 lb. Payton Fasnacht (Blue Mountain) def. Tyler Slotterback (North Schuylkill) Pin at 0:47
52 lb. Jordan Zerby (Upper Dauphin) def. Cade Schneck (Pine Grove) 8-6
55 lb. Zander McElhenny (North Schuylkill) def. Jacob Schlier (Panther Valley) 9-7
58 lb. Blake Bender (Williams Valley) def. Nate Fannock (Tamaqua *) Pin at 1:20
61 lb. Sempko Coltyn (Shikellamy) def. Konner Walker (Upper Dauphin) 4-0
64 lb. Parrish McFarland (Pottsville) def. Zane McElhenny (North Schuylkill) Pin at 0:59
67 lb. Jared Tinari (North Schuylkill) def. Cale Welker (Upper Dauphin) Pin at 0:30
70 lb. Mason Michael (Bloomsburg) def. Austin Smyth (Panther Valley) Major Dec. 9-0
73 lb. Camden Smith (Shamokin) def. Nick Kunstek (Pottsville) Pin at 2:30
76 lb. Cruz Banda (Williams Valley) def. Jack Dean (Blue Mountain) 5-3
80 lb. Braxton Schwartz (Williams Valley) def. Seth Tobias (Pine Grove *) Pin at 2:30
100 lb. Austin Hartman (Upper Dauphin) def. Aiden Myers (Schuylkill Haven) Pin at 1:24
140 lb. Robbie Weitz (North Schuylkill) def. Liam Buffington (Upper Dauphin) Pin at 0:30

42 lb. Kaidence Krapf (Panther Valley) def. Daeson Hasenauer (Schuylkill Haven) Pin at 0:26
45 lb. Jordan Peiffer (Upper Dauphin) def. Jeremiah Wetzel (Pine Grove) 6-0
48 lb. Ashton Gonder (Williams Valley) def. Ayden Heck (Upper Dauphin) Pin at 0:28
52 lb. Nicholas Giuffre (Pottsville) def. Luke Allisson (North Schuylkill) 1-0
55 lb. Noah Platzer (Upper Dauphin) def. Kody Figard (Shamokin) 4-2
58 lb. Devon Schlier (Panther Valley) def. Bradlee Smith (North Schuylkill *) Pin at 0:59
61 lb. Gage Wolfe (Shikellamy) def. Alexander Hepler (Upper Dauphin *) 3-1
64 lb. Augustus Warke (Blue Mountain) def. Liam Scrivanich (Panther Valley) 9-3
67 lb. Shain Yost (Shamokin) def. Jacob Davenport (Southern Columbia) Win by Forfeit
70 lb. Brady Morgan (Upper Dauphin) def. Blaise Valenskie (Shamokin) 5-4
73 lb. Nicholas Englert (Pottsville *) def. - ()
80 lb. Ryan Weidner (Mount Carmel) def. Kody Wertz (Upper Dauphin) Pin at 0:36
100 lb. Bryce Kane (Pine Grove) def. Tanner Mattern (Bloomsburg) Win by Forfeit
140 lb. Gavin Shoup (Bloomsburg) def. - ()

52 lb. Dalton Monger (Williams Valley) def. Harry Bowers (Blue Mountain) 8-4
55 lb. Shawn Kelly (Blue Mountain) def. Derek DeAngelo (Tamaqua *) Pin at 1:54
58 lb. Kole Biscoe (North Schuylkill) def. Gage Breiner (Panther Valley) 3-0
61 lb. Mikey Myers (Williams Valley) def. Trevor McDonald (Mount Carmel) 5-1
64 lb. Owen Oakley (Blue Mountain) def. Aaron Coccio (Tamaqua) 4-0
67 lb. Ian Yoder (Southern Columbia) def. Joshua Leininger (Pine Grove) 6-4
70 lb. Randy Steigerwalt (Tamaqua) def. Ian Coller (Line Mountain) 4-2
73 lb. Kade Matter (Upper Dauphin) def. Jake Rose (Southern Columbia) Major Dec. 8-0
76 lb. Brian Milot (Tamaqua) def. Daulton Eberts (Tamaqua) Pin at 1:38
80 lb. Toby Renninger (Blue Mountain) def. Cole Eberts (Tamaqua) Major Dec. 12-0
85 lb. Matthew Coller (Line Mountain) def. Gavin Harris (Pine Grove) Tech Fall 15-0
90 lb. Evan Watral (Blue Mountain) def. Nathan Wickersham (Tamaqua) 2-0
95 lb. Ayden Ney (Pine Grove) def. Owen Snyder (Bloomsburg) Major Dec. 13-0
100 lb. Stephen Roeder (Bloomsburg) def. Gabe Buins (Shamokin) Pin at 1:32
110 lb. Christopher Charles (Pine Grove) def. Hunter Kane (Pine Grove) Pin at 0:09
130 lb. Owen Keim (Line Mountain) def. Zach Poust (Bloomsburg) Pin at 0:35
170 lb. Dominick Bridi (Shamokin) def. William Warner (Pine Grove) Pin at 0:34

52 lb. Wade Alleman (Shamokin) def. Derek Lawler (Mount Carmel) 4-2 (OT)
58 lb. Anthony Zeplin (Blue Mountain) def. Ethan Miernicki (North Schuylkill) 3-0
61 lb. Robert Jenkins (North Schuylkill) def. Serene Boyer (Upper Dauphin) Pin at 0:34
64 lb. Bryce Cromyak (Pottsville) def. Rafe Ney (Shikellamy) Pin at 2:30
67 lb. Elijah Conte (Upper Dauphin) def. Bryce Krapf (Panther Valley) Pin at 0:53
70 lb. Jarrod Brindza (North Schuylkill) def. Heaney Gabe (Panther Valley) Major Dec. 8-0
73 lb. Jeff Coulson (Pottsville) def. Parker Jones (Bloomsburg) 9-5
76 lb. Dylan Andino (Upper Dauphin) def. Braydon Jenkins (North Schuylkill) Major Dec. 9-0
80 lb. Aiden Wiest (Upper Dauphin) def. Brion Long (Shamokin) 7-4
85 lb. Shawn Sheptock (Mount Carmel) def. Dylan Edwards (North Schuylkill) 6-4
90 lb. Braxton Bayer (Williams Valley) def. Isaiah Auman (Upper Dauphin) Pin at 0:59
95 lb. Eric Zalar (Shamokin) def. Tyler Waltman (Southern Columbia) Win by Forfeit
100 lb. Tanner Sidella (Blue Mountain) def. Chris Domcette (Bloomsburg) Pin at 0:34

60 lb. Colby Herb (Line Mountain) def. Joshua Horvath (Panther Valley) Pin at 0:34
64 lb. Jake Adzema (Mount Carmel) def. Jake Leonardo (Bloomsburg) Major Dec. 9-0
67 lb. Tyler Ward (Pottsville) def. Bo Raho (Williams Valley) 4-2 (OT)
70 lb. Chase Esterline (Williams Valley) def. Bruce Carl (Mount Carmel) 8-6
73 lb. Partrick Edmonson (Southern Columbia) def. Raven Womer (Pottsville) 4-2
76 lb. Jacob Roos (Pottsville) def. Shane Quick (North Schuylkill) 8-7
80 lb. Bronson Garber (Upper Dauphin) def. Nicholas Ohea (Tamaqua) Pin at 0:58
85 lb. Zach Rupp (Upper Dauphin) def. Isiah Betz (Shikellamy) Pin at 2:38
90 lb. Shane Weidner (Mount Carmel) def. Ethan Paul (Upper Dauphin) Pin at 1:48
95 lb. Dillon Kintzel (Pine Grove) def. Brandon Rockwell (North Schuylkill) 4-1
100 lb. Jack Chapman (Mount Carmel) def. Dalton Kintzel (Pine Grove) 3-0
105 lb. Cameron Rittenbaugh (Pine Grove) def. Ethan Esterline (Williams Valley) Pin at 1:31
110 lb. Mason Wiest (Upper Dauphin) def. Eric Schadle (Pine Grove) Pin at 0:55
120 lb. Craig Fisher (North Schuylkill) def. Jacob Mattive (Bloomsburg) Pin at 0:55
130 lb. Nigel Lucas (Southern Columbia) def. Reese Kokitus (Pottsville) Pin at 0:57
145 lb. Donald Gelnett (Upper Dauphin) def. Harley Newcomer (Williams Valley) 3-0
165 lb. Bronson Strouse (Tamaqua *) def. Rebekah Faust (Shamokin) Pin at 0:45
220 lb. Matt Knowles (Shamokin) def. Farizan Ali (Williams Valley) Pin at 2:55

60 lb. Coleton Eckroth (Bloomsburg) def. TJ Laughlin (Blue Mountain *) Win by Forfeit
67 lb. Wiley Kahler (Blue Mountain) def. BYE () BYE
70 lb. Payton Jenkins (North Schuylkill) def. Tyler Winhofer (Mount Carmel) Pin at 0:40
73 lb. Jacob Egan (Shikellamy) def. Eric Miernicki (North Schuylkill) Win by Forfeit
76 lb. Noah Berkoski (Mount Carmel) def. Kevin Gross (Pine Grove) Major Dec. 9-1
80 lb. Chett Pesta (Williams Valley) def. Damien Deihm (North Schuylkill) 3-1
85 lb. Kyle Rusnak (Panther Valley) def. Darien Wiest (Upper Dauphin *) Major Dec. 8-0
90 lb. Joel Derr (Shikellamy) def. Joseph Weigley-III (Schuylkill Haven) 9-7
95 lb. Levi Halye (Schuylkill Haven) def. Tyler Wright (Upper Dauphin) Pin at 0:45
100 lb. Luke Englert (Blue Mountain) def. Damien Whalen (Blue Mountain *) 9-4
105 lb. Brennen McAllister (Upper Dauphin) def. Joseph Mckinney (Shikellamy) 6-2
110 lb. Anthony Martinez (Tamaqua) def. Logan Wills (Mount Carmel) Win by Forfeit
120 lb. Cole Warren (Williams Valley) def. Peyton Nuske (Pine Grove) Pin at 2:51
145 lb. Ryan Weitz (North Schuylkill) def. John Stabinski (Southern Columbia) 7-2

Team Results
1st - Upper Dauphin
2nd - North Schuylkill
3rd - Williams Valley
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2013 Coal Cracker League Championships
Congratulations to All the teams for a great Championships
1st place - Shikellamy
2nd place- Mt. Carmel
3rd place - Blue Mtn.

... Rd 1
Shikellamy 79
Tamaqua 12

Mt. Carmel 46
Upper Dauphin 43

Shamokin and Blue Mtn. Got byes the 1st round by blind draw for 3 predetermined brackets.
Tamaqua and Upper Dauphin were eliminated with there loss in this round.

Rd 2
Shamokin 39
Shikellamy 51

Mt. Carmel 58
Blue Mtn. 35

Rd 3
Consolation Final
Shamokin 46
Blue Mtn. 55

Championship Final
Shikellamy 57
Mt. Carmel 34
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2012 Coal Cracker Tournament Place Winners
2012 Coal Cracker Tournament
Hosted By Schuylkill Haven @ Tamaqua
Pee-Wee Division Team Codes
Weight: P37 BD- Black Diamond
                               - Place Winners -                                                                            - Place Winners - MC - Mt. Carmel
                               1st Kaden Casey BD HS - Haven Storm
                               2nd Louis Morris MC PV - Panther Valley
                               3rd Daeson Hasenauer HS SHIK - Shikellamy
                               4th Spencer Skoutelas-Kern PV LM - Line Mtn.
TAM - Tamaqua
Weight: P40 BM - Blue Mtn.
                               - Place Winners -                                                                   SHAM - Shamokin
                               1st Chase Beaver SHIK SC - Southern Columbia
                               2nd Noah Gilgore BD POTT - Pottsville
                               3rd Jonas Bettleyow MC PG - Pine Grove
                               4th Landen Myers LM WV - Williams Valley
Weight: P43
                               - Place Winners -                                                                        
                               1st Chase Pensyl SHAM
                               2nd Landin Edwards BD
                               3rd Damon Sell TAM
                               4th Josh Dewald BM
Weight: P46
                               - Place Winners -                                                                          
                               1st Payton Fasnacht BM
                               2nd Louden Murphy SC
                               3rd Vernon Kleckner BM
                               4th Kaden Brish BM
Weight: P49
                               - Place Winners -                                                                           
                               1st Bradlee Smith BD
                               2nd Brayden Edwards BD
                               3rd David Rand MC
                               4th Chase Sarge PG
Weight: P52
                               - Place Winners -                                                                          
                               1st Keegan Curry BD
                               2nd Jayden Coulson POTT
                               3rd Zander McElhenny BD
                               4th Braydon Brinkash MC
Weight: P56
                               - Place Winners -                                                                          
                               1st Liam Scrivanich PV
                               2nd Justin Weidner MC
                               3rd Isaac Curvey TAM
                               4th Gage Miller WV
Weight: P60
                               - Place Winners -                                                                       
                               1st Michael Boylan MC
                               2nd Jake Bernosky BD
                               3rd Tylor Kling POTT
Weight: P64
                               - Place Winners -                                                                        
                               1st Mason Major POTT
                               2nd Nelson Bensinger TAM
Weight: P68
                               - Place Winners -                                                                     
                               1st Neekoli Caraballo BD
                               2nd Garrett Rumpf PG
Weight: P72
                               - Place Winners -                                                                            
                               1st Nicholas Bradigan SC
                               2nd Sebastian Hay PV
Weight: PHWT
                               - Place Winners -                                                                           
                               1st Lincoln Lucas WV
Bantam Division
Weight: B43
                               - Place Winners -                                                                         
                               1st Ashton Gonder WV
                               2nd Connor Demcher POTT
                               3rd Treyahna Bolinsky BD
                               4th Drake Moyer POTT
Weight: B46
                               - Place Winners -                                                                        
                               1st Harry Bowers BM
                               2nd Nicholas Giuffre POTT
                               3rd Braydon Kessler BD
                               4th Aiden Rohrback PV
Weight: B49
                               - Place Winners -                                                                         
                               1st Dalton Monger WV
                               2nd Jaden Myers LM
                               3rd Matthew Milkowich PV
                               4th Wade Alleman SHAM
Weight: B52
                                                              - Place Winners -
                                                              1st Aidan Kritzer LM
                                                              2nd Ethan Miernicki BD
                                                              3rd Aidan Engleman BD
                                                              4th Tegan Devlin TAM
Weight: B56
                                                              - Place Winners -
                                                              1st Trevor McDonald MC
                                                              2nd Coltyn Sempko SHIK
                                                              3rd Ashton Rhode PG
                                                              4th Canyon Koperna LM
Weight: B60
                                                              - Place Winners -
                                                              1st Ian  Yoder SC
                                                              2nd Tyler Whary SHAM
                                                              3rd Gabe Heaney PV
                                                              4th Parrish McFarland POTT
Weight: B64
                               - Place Winners -                                                                    
                               1st Drew Balestrini SHIK
                               2nd Ian Coller LM
                               3rd Cruz Banda WV
                               4th Jared Tinari BD
Weight: B68
                               - Place Winners -                                                                      
                               1st Toby Renninger BM
                               2nd Joseph Quinton SC
                               3rd Kurtis Raker SHIK
                               4th Trevor Lex BD
Weight: B72
                               - Place Winners -                                                                       
                               1st Braxton Schwartz WV
                               2nd Ryan Weidner MC
                               3rd Cale King LM
                               4th Seth Tobias PG
Weight: B76
                               - Place Winners -                                                                           
                               1st Nathan Wickersham TAM
                               2nd Jesse Engle WV
                               3rd Thomas Davitt MC
Weight: B80
                               - Place Winners -                                                                            
                               1st Matthew Scicchitano MC
                               2nd Brett Nye SHAM
                               3rd Tanner Greco MC
Weight: B85
                               - Place Winners -                                                                        
                               1st DeAntay Erwine-Alston PV
Weight: B92
                               - Place Winners -                                                                           
                               1st Gavin Nye SHAM
                               2nd Lucas Schrickram TAM
                               3rd Tyler Holt PG
                               4th Jackson Yoder WV
Weight: B99
                               - Place Winners -                                                                            
                               1st Robbie Weitz BD
                               2nd Casey Chamberlain HS
Weight: B115
                               - Place Winners -                                                                    
                               1st Austin Hydro PV
Weight: BHWT
                               - Place Winners -                                                                           
                               1st Dominick Bridi SHAM
                               2nd Carey Wahalec BD
                               3rd Luke Hendricks BM
Midget Division
Weight: M52
                               - Place Winners -                                                                    
                               1st Colby Herb LM
                               2nd Damian Wolfe SHIK
                               3rd Hunter Beaver SHIK
                               4th Nick Dorkoski SC
Weight: M56
                               - Place Winners -                                                                            
                               1st Matt Ross BM
                               2nd Wiley Kahler BM
                               3rd Collin Bozza SHAM
                               4th Derrick Boyer PG
Weight: M60
                               - Place Winners -                                                                            
                               1st Joshua Leininger PG
                               2nd Owen Oakley BM
                               3rd Saul Blankenhorn BM
                               4th Jake Adzema MC
Weight: M64
                                                              - Place Winners -
                                                              1st Bruce Carl MC
                                                              2nd Bo Raho WV
                                                              3rd Raven Womer POTT
                                                              4th Maximus Madden SHAM
Weight: M68
                               - Place Winners -                                                                           
                               1st Kevin Gross PG
                               2nd Chase Esterline WV
                               3rd Eric Moyer PV
                               4th Brian Milot TAM
Weight: M72
                               - Place Winners -                                                                         
                               1st Shane Quick BD
                               2nd Braydon Jenkins BD
                               3rd Damon Backes SHAM
                               4th Chris Haas BM
Weight: M76
                               - Place Winners -                                                                  
                               1st Matthew Coller LM
                               2nd JT Girard WV
                               3rd Evan Watral BM
                               4th Nick Falls BD
Weight: M80
                               - Place Winners -                                                                       
                               1st Kyle Rusnak PV
                               2nd Dylan Edwards BD
                               3rd Brody Robinson BM
                               4th Jack Renninger BM
Weight: M85
                               - Place Winners -                                                                     
                               1st Dalton Kintzel PG
                               2nd Devon Dane SHIK
                               3rd Ayden Ney PG
                               4th Damien Whalen BM
Weight: M92
                               - Place Winners -                                                                            
                               1st Evan Bingamdn SHIK
                               2nd Cameron Rittenbaugh PG
                               3rd Luke Englert BM
                               4th Dokato Baker SHIK
Weight: M99
                               - Place Winners -                                                                            
                               1st Lear Quinton SC
                               2nd Nate Kearney SC
                               3rd Anthony Martinez TAM
                               4th Christopher Charles PG
Weight: M106
                               - Place Winners -                                                                           
                               1st Nicholas Miner SC
                               2nd Christopher Heim PG
                               3rd Jeremy Ochart HS
Weight: M115
                               - Place Winners -                                                                            
                               1st Peyton Nuske PG
                               2nd Joe Tinari BD
                               3rd Jonathan MacCaull BM
Weight: M130
                               - Place Winners -                                                                            
                               1st Austin Reed MC
                               2nd Vinny LePre PG
Weight: MHWT
                               - Place Winners -                                                                            
                               1st Bronson Strouse TAM
                               2nd Colin Herb MC
                               3rd Noah Ortiz PV
                               4th Hunter Shimko BD
Junior Division
Weight: J60
                               - Place Winners -                                                                            
                               1st Tyler Ward POTT
Weight: J64
                               - Place Winners -                                                                           
                               1st Tyrese Armstead PG
Weight: J68
                               - Place Winners -                                                                           
                               1st Jacob Roos POTT
                               2nd Noah Berkoski MC
                               3rd Eric Miernicki BD
                               4th Brandon Mader TAM
Weight: J72
                               - Place Winners -                                                                            
                               1st Connor Kievman BM
                               2nd Austin Engle HS
                               3rd Cade Balestrini SHIK
                               4th Ethan Knoebel SC
Weight: J76
                               - Place Winners -                                                                           
                               1st Josh Mason BM
                               2nd Nick Onea TAM
                               3rd Michael Miner SC
                               4th Chett Pesta WV
Weight: J80
                               - Place Winners -                                                                         
                               1st Chase Sincavage BM
                               2nd Tanner Kennedy PV
                               3rd Dillon Kintzel PG
                               4th Donivan Willard SHIK
Weight: J85
                               - Place Winners -                                                                         
                               1st Ben McQuillen BM
                               2nd Bryce Burgess SHIK
                               3rd Jack Chapman MC
                               4th Keith Lengle PG
Weight: J92
                               - Place Winners -                                                                            
                               1st Hunter Kennedy PV
                               2nd Logan Wills MC
                               3rd Brandon Rockwell BD
                               4th Malik Zver PV
Weight: J99
                               - Place Winners -                                                                            
                               1st Anthony Saachitano SC
                               2nd Jeffrey Weidner MC
                               3rd Devin Pietiewicz SHAM
                               4th Levi Engle WV
Weight: J106
                               - Place Winners -                                                                            
                               1st Tommy McDonald MC
                               2nd Jacob Carpenter SHAM
                               3rd Noah Supsic SHIK
                               4th Corbin Kessler BD
Weight: J115
                               - Place Winners -                                                                           
                               1st Delson Mitchell POTT
                               2nd Xander Skoutelas-Kern PV
                               3rd Thomas Tarlecky Jr HS
                               4th Wyatt Kahler BM
Weight: J130
                               - Place Winners -                                                                      
                               1st Calogero Carestia BM
                               2nd Cole Painter POTT
                               3rd CJ Koperna LM
                               4th Harley Newcomer WV
Weight: J150
                               - Place Winners -                                                                          
                               1st Dylan Rabuck WV
                               2nd David Munzo SHIK
                               3rd Austen Ney PG
                               4th Blake Rothermel BD
Weight: JHWT
                               - Place Winners -                                                                           
                               1st Devon Rabuck WV
                               2nd Michael Faust SHAM
                               3rd Zack Falls BD
                               4th Faigan Ali WV
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Facebook Page
For all who are interested the league also has a Facebook page. Here's the link
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Welcome to the Coal Cracker Wrestling League Website
                                                     Welcome to the Coal Cracker League Website.
    Thank you for visiting the Coal Cracker Wrestling League website.Presently the league consists of 14 teams and always looking for teams in the area to join.
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